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What is Scarky? – read About Scarky to find out. And maybe you would like to see sample challenges? – there are plenty of them in the Sample challenges category on this blog! Here is one from programming category:

How to begin?
If you would like to know how to solve a challenge, view this post: Using Scarky widget. If you have your own site or you write a blog and you would like to place the Scarky challenge on your site, begin here: Using Scarky builder. You can also view the FAQ section or check Tutorials and About Scarky categories on this blog.

Lets say you organize contest on your site using Scarky challenges and you would like to identify users in some way. Scarky’s users can’t set up an account and they don’t have any profile where theirs personal data could be viewed. What to do then?

Simply ask users to enter some information in the secret phrase field while submitting the answer – this can be name, email or other information. Then go to the private page of the challenge and click See the ranking link to view secret phrases entered by fans of your challenges :)

Since some time it is possible to use sophisticated mathematical expressions in Scarky challenges’ content. A very helpful thing not only in mathematical riddles but also in many programming challenges, where possibility of using of equations and formulas is often desirable.

And here is code used to create expressions above:

[math]\unitlength{.6}\picture(100) {(50,50){\circle(99)} %%head%%(20,55;50,0;2){\fs{+1}\hat\bullet} %%eyes%%(50,40){\bullet} %%nose%%(50,35){\circle(50,25;34)} %%upper lip%%(50,35){\circle(50,45;34)} %%lower lip%%}[/math]

[math]\Large\varepsilon=\sum_{i=1}^{n-1} \frac1{\Delta x}\int_{x_i}^{x_{i+1}}\left\{\frac1{\Delta x}\big[ (x_{i+1}-x)y_i^\ast+(x-x_i)y_{i+1}^\ast\big]-f(x)\right\}^2dx[/math]

[math]\LARGE\tilde y=\left\{ {\ddot x\text{ if \vec x odd}\atop\hat{\,\bar x+1}\text{ if even}}\right.[/math]

[math]\Large A\ =\ \large\left( \begin{array}{c.cccc}&1&2&\cdots&n\\ \hdash1&a_{11}&a_{12}&\cdots&a_{1n}\\ 2&a_{21}&a_{22}&\cdots&a_{2n}\\ \vdots&\vdots&\vdots&\ddots&\vdots\\ n&a_{n1}&a_{n2}&\cdots&a_{nn}\end{array}\right)[/math]

[math]\normalsize \left(\large\begin{array}{GC+23} \varepsilon_x\\\varepsilon_y\\\varepsilon_z\\\gamma_{xy}\\ \gamma_{xz}\\\gamma_{yz}\end{array}\right)\ {\Large=} \ \left[\begin{array}{CC} \begin{array}\frac1{E_{\fs{+1}x}} &-\frac{\nu_{xy}}{E_{\fs{+1}x}} &-\frac{\nu_{\fs{+1}xz}}{E_{\fs{+1}x}}\\ -\frac{\nu_{yx}}{E_y}&\frac1{E_{y}}&-\frac{\nu_{yz}}{E_y}\\ -\frac{\nu_{\fs{+1}zx}}{E_{\fs{+1}z}}& -\frac{\nu_{zy}}{E_{\fs{+1}z}} &\frac1{E_{\fs{+1}z}}\end{array} & {\LARGE 0} \\ {\LARGE 0} & \begin{array}\frac1{G_{xy}}&&\\ &\frac1{G_{\fs{+1}xz}}&\\&&\frac1{G_{yz}}\end{array} \end{array}\right] \ \left(\large\begin{array} \sigma_x\\\sigma_y\\\sigma_z\\\tau_{xy}\\\tau_{xz}\\\tau_{yz} \end{array}\right)[/math]

[math]\Large\hspace{5}\unitlength{1} \picture(175,100){ (50,50){\circle(100)} (1,50){\overbrace{\line(46)}^{4$\;\;a}} (52,50){\line(125)} (50,52;115;2){\mid} (52,55){\longleftar[60]} (130,56){\longrightar[35]} (116,58){r} (c85,50;80;2){\bullet} (c85,36){\large-q} (c165,36){\large q} (42,29){\underbrace{\line(32)}_{\small a^2/r\;\;\;}} }[/math]


Syntax of these mathematical expressions is very similar to TeX (see more on wiki).

12th of August 2009

Scarky has started!

12th of August 2009

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12th of August 2009

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