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23rd of July 2009


What is Scarky?
Read here about Scarky or follow this link to get more information.

How to begin?
Read the sticky Welcome to Scarky blog! post.

How to search for information on this blog?
Click on one of the categories’ titles that are displayed on top of every page on this blog, for example: Tutorials, Easy.

How many challenges can I create?
As many as you wish :)

How many times can I submit answer to an challenge?
As many times as you wish :)

Is registration on Scarky obligatory?
No, it’s not! No account on Scarky is needed to solve or to create challenges.

So what is the password for in the Answer tab in the widget?
Checking the Reserve this nick for me option allows you to reserve the nick so that only you will be able to use it: simply provide the same password next time you send the answer. The nick will be reserved for you globally and you will be able to use it in every challenge on Scarky.

Notice: password will be encrypted in our database so please remember it or write it down, since after you send your answer there will be no possibility to regain it.

Giving the password is not obligatory. Submissions sent by users who don’t provide the password are anonymous – such users are displayed in the Hall of fame with the ~ prefix.

What is the “Secret phrase” in the Answer tab in the widget?
Secret phrase is information for the author, e.g. contact or identity.

How to submit a solution?
Submitting solutions differs according to the category to which the challenge belongs (read here about categories). To find out more check the following links:

Are my answers and source code for the programming challenges public?
No, they are not. No one can see your answer or view source code you submitted.

Are test data and source code of a judge public?
No again. Even during cloning, users cannot view the test data and they can’t view the source code of a judge.

What results can I get from riddles and mathematical challenges?
After submitting an answer you will get one of these results:

  • Accepted – your answer was correct!
  • Wrong Answer – your answer was invalid – but don’t give up, everything is going to be OK… :)
  • Internal Error – you will probably never see this one; turns up only in case of some judgment process error

What results can I get from programming challenges?
When you submit a source code, your program is compiled, run and judged on Scarky server. This process may end in many ways. All possible results are described here.

Memory and time constraints for solutions – programming category
Memory limit for every solution is 256MB. The time limit for every solution is 5 seconds.

What is segmentation fault? (runtime err. SIGSEGV) – programming category
From glibc documentation:

This signal is generated when a program tries to read or write outside the memory that is allocated for it, or to write memory that can only be read. (Actually, the signals only occur when the program goes far enough outside to be detected by the system’s memory protection mechanism.) The name is an abbreviation for “segmentation violation”.
Common ways of getting a `SIGSEGV’ condition include dereferencing a null or uninitialized pointer, or when you use a pointer to step through an array, but fail to check for the end of the array. It varies among systems whether dereferencing a null pointer generates `SIGSEGV’ or `SIGBUS’.

Why didn’t my challenge appear in the Scarky statistics?
There are two possibilities:

  • Start time of the challenge hasn’t come yet or end time of the challenge is already behind (both start and end time can be set in the Scarky builder when creating or editing the challenge).
  • You marked the challenge as private (i.e. you checked the Private checkbox in the builder).

Why didn’t my challenge appear in the Scarky RSS?
First check the previous question. The third possibility is that no one ever submitted a solution to your challenge. Challenges appear in RSS news only if at least one person have submitted an answer to the challenge.

What to do with code and links generated by Scarky builder?
Paste them into you website or blog :)

How to delete or edit a challenge?
Use the link (so called private link of the challenge) generated by the builder. It should look like this:

How to identify users of my challenges?
Answer to this question can be found here.

I paste code generated by the Scarky builder into my blog but nothing happens!
The Scarky challenges work using JavaScript technology. Because of security reasons many blog systems cut JavaScript code from your blog. Usually there is nothing you can do with it but you can always try to contact your administrator.

Scarky challenges were tested on few blog systems. Here is the Scarky-friendly site list (but it is definitely not complete!):

How to contact us?
Write at contactnot@spherevisible-research.com

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