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This post explains how to write a solution to a challenge from mathematical category. It is really simple! Lets take a look at the challenge:

In the Challenge tab, content of the challenge is displayed.

In the Info tab you can view some information about the challenge.

The Hall of Fame tab lets you see who has answered correctly to the riddle.

Well, you would probably like to know what is the answer? I’m not going to spoil the fun, try to guess! :) But if you really want to know it, go to the bottom of this page.

To submit a solution go to the Answer tab and either paste the answer into the provided text field or upload it from a file. Now you are ready to click the Send solution button.

By the way, what is the password for in the Answer tab? Read about it in the FAQ section.

Next you will see a screen with status of your submission.

After few moments you will get the result (see the FAQ section to find out what results you can get).

Click here to show the answer

The answer is: 4678

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