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This post explains how to create a challenge in the mathematical and riddles categories. Building a mathematical challenge is very similar to creating a riddle challenge. Here is what we are going to build:

As mentioned before in the Using Scarky builder post, creating a challenge is very simple.

Let’s fill up first few fields:

  • Title: Square root
  • Challenge site: the site on which you are going to place the challenge, for example:
  • Home page: your home/blog page, for example
  • Content: What is the square root of 21883684?

Meaning of the fields:

  • Title will be displayed in Scarky statistics and in the widget on you site.
  • Content describes the users’ task.
  • Challenge site specifies address of the site on which the challenge will be put. For example:
    • http://john.blog.com/2009/07/my-challenge
    • http://www.johns-site.com/some
    • http://www.some-blogs.org/john/?p=123#here

    This address will be placed in Scarky statistics so that all Scarky visitors will have opportunity to find your challenge on Scarky and then solve it on you site.

  • Home page is simply address of your site. It will identify you as the challenge author. In Scarky statistics all challenges you create will be grouped by this address. Remember then: each time you create a challenge, provide the same home page address.
    Here are examples of home page addresses (corresponding to those from the previous field – challenge site):

    • http://john.blog.com
    • http://www.johns-site.com
    • http://www.some-blogs.org/john

Now lets complete the next field:

  • Answer: 4678

Meaning of the field:

  • Answer – answer to your challenge.

And now the rest of the fields:

  • Duration: choose in what period users will be allowed to send solutions to your challenge
  • Don’t show in statistics: if you are creating challenge for testing purposes then check this option
  • Resource: choose origin of the challenge
  • Send me links: your email

Here is their meaning:

  • Duration specifies from when and until when your challenge will be available for other users. Before the start date and after the end date sending solutions to your challenge won’t be possible.
    Check the starts right away to activate the challenge immediately after it’s creation. Check the lasts forever option if you want the challenge to never end.
  • Start date determines since when users will be able to submit solutions to the challenge.
  • End date determines until when users will be able to submit solutions to the challenge.
  • Don’t show in statistics – check this option if you don’t want the challenge to appear in Scarky statistics. Besides the fact that link to the challenge won’t be displayed in statistics, it will be fully functional. Use it when you are testing your challenge and when you are trying Scarky out – checking this option in such cases will keep Scarky statistics unpolluted :)
  • Resource describes the origin of the challenge. It can be address of a site or an online judge, your name or simply some peace of text.
    If your challenge is based on a problem from an online judge, choose its name from the drop down list. If you choose My own challenge option then your home page address will be treated as the resource. Choose Other to specify custom resource.
  • Custom resource – specify here custom resource (it can be address of a site or an online judge, your name or simply some peace of text).
  • Send me links – when you finish creating the challenge, Scarky builder will generate link and html code for you. Enter here your email if you want to receive the link and html code of your challenge.

When you complete all required fields, press Save challenge button.

You will see a link and generated HTML code. The link is needed to modify or to delete the challenge, so:

  • don’t loose this link (otherwise you won’t be able to edit the challenge) and
  • keep it safe! (or anyone will be able to change your challenge)

To place the challenge on your site or blog, copy and paste generated HTML code. And that’s it – the challenge is now ready to use :)

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