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Scarky.com is a free web service that allows you to create a variety of challenges and to place them on your website or blog.

What are challenges?

They are mathematical, programming and gaming problems (puzzles) that require a bit of thinking to be solved.

How does sample challenge look like?
It looks like this:

What challenges can I create?

You can create challenges ranging from

  • the very simple, such as crosswords, sudoku, puzzles (support for these three coming very soon!) and riddles requiring a simple answer (see examples in the riddles category on this blog, check also mathematical challenges on Scarky blog), through
  • more complex, such as a flash visualizer of the challenge combined with your own judge (program that checks other programs) written in one of the available programming languages (coming soon too!), to
  • advanced programming problems (check them here), very similar to those you can find in online judges like SPOJ, CodeChef, TopCoder, UVa OJ, and the like.

How to create and use the challenges?

Just visit the builder site and follow the instructions to create a challenge. If you wish, you can also preview examples at blog.scarky.com in the Sample challenges category. After creating a challenge, just paste the generated code into your website or blog and voila! It’s done! Users entering your website will be able to preview the challenge, send their solutions, and examine the top-solvers’ standings of the challenge. What’s more, links to your website and your challenges will be available in the Scarky statistics – all Scarky.com visitors will have the opportunity to solve your challenges on your website. They will also be able to clone your challenge and place it on their website, but they won’t be able to view the challenge details (test data, judge – click here to find out more). The cloned challenge will contain information about its original author.

But what’s this all for?

For the fun of it, and to learn something new into the bargain! If you would like to share your ideas for challenges, puzzles and riddles with others on the Internet, Scarky.com is exactly what you were looking for! Find out more in the FAQ section.

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