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20th of July 2009


Challenges on Scarky belong to various categories:

  • Mathematical – for those who like maths (samples on Scarky blog, list of all challenges)
  • Number games – games with numbers, like Sudoku
  • Programming – challenges for programmers in more than 35 programming languages (samples on Scarky blog; list of all challenges)
  • Puzzle games – miscellaneous games with puzzles, like visualized puzzle-version of knapsack problem or Atomic Shelters game – coming soon!
  • Riddles – classical logic riddles (samples on Scarky blog, list of all challenges)
  • Word games – challenges that have something to do with words, for example crosswords – also coming soon!
  • And more will come…

When building your own challenge, choose the category accordingly to the clues above.

Would you like to see others’ challenges?
You can view list of all challenges (or only those from selected category) added by Scarky users in Scarky statistics.

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